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Tremblant’s Most Thrilling Indoor Adventurelogo

Enter a carefully crafted world that will immerse you in a thrilling experience. Entering is easy, but exiting will require all your smarts and observation skills. Will you lead your team to victory, or be trapped forever?

Mission Liberté offers live action adventure games that will entertain all ages. It is excellent for groups of friends, date nights, corporate team building, family reunions, and is just plain entertaining fun. Leave the ordinary behind. Whether you come après-ski, mid-day, or as a night out, you are sure to enjoy a great time with friends. Your heart will race. You will laugh. Discover new facets and abilities as you and your team mates surprise each other on the way to solving a great and mysterious challenge.

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Pirate Ship

You’ve been taken prisoner by the dreaded Blackbeard and he plans to make you and your friends walk the plank first thing in the morning. Sunrise is coming....

Olympic Race Prep

It is the morning of the Olympic downhill, and a star Norwegian ski racer pranked the whole Canadian Ski Team. While you were prepping your gear for the big race, the Norwegian...


Something has gone wrong, and you and your crew are losing oxygen. You’ll have to use your astronaut smarts to stay one step ahead of disaster.

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